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A Journey Into the Deaf-world
Harlan L. Lane
Deaf Culture and Identity
DHH Resource

In this comprehensive and engrossing study, three distinguished scholars of Deaf culture--one hearing, one deaf, and one coda (child of deaf adults)--offer clear, penetrating insights into the existence and makeup of the deaf world, the community whose natural language--American Sign Language in the United States--is manual and visual. Bringing the latest social and cultural findings and theories into sharp focus, the authors take us on a fascinating journey to discover what deaf culture is; the benefits of signed language and deaf culture for deaf children and hearing people; how deaf children are now educated and how they could be; how deaf people integrate into the larger society; the nature of American Sign Language; how technology helps (and hurts) deaf people; what can be learned from deaf societies in other lands; the future of the deaf world. Combining thought-provoking intellectual perspectives with enlightening first-hand accounts of life in the deaf world, this landmark volume is vital for professionals working in fields involving deaf people and for those with an interest in deaf studies.

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